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Serving Our Kids. Serving Our Future.

Every child plays a role in our present and future. Expanded Horizons has a robust curriculum to facilitate our Pre-K through 8th-grade group of children during these critical developmental stages, as well as, advanced real-life skills training.

We have designed programmatic classes that cultivate an atmosphere where education and life skills are a top priority. The principles we uphold within our program classes include:

Expanded Horizons' Program Curriculum

Keep an Organized & Individualized Learning Environment

Exercise Productive Life Skills Experiences

Create Connections to Insightful Mentors

Ensure Security With an Efficient & Conscious Schedule

List of Classes & Activities


Arts & Crafts classes are held to enhance each student's industrious skills while activating their creative thinking. Students learn how to create in a variety of mediums including:

Painting & Coloring
Drawing & Sketching
Sewing (i.e. needle threading, button sewing, hem sewing etc.)



Students receive training in reading, writing, math & basic computer theory and keyboard use with the goal of students achieving new levels of computer literacy, rhythm, and proper keyboard finger usage.

Library Reading Studies & Book Mobile
Storytelling & Live Book Reading
Writing Training (i.e. print & cursive)
Electronics, Computer Lab & Robotics


Seasonal activities occur throughout the year, primarily serving as celebratory milestones for students to experience alongside their organizational peers. Seasonal activities include:

End of School Year Party Celebrations
Back to School Preparation Events
Holiday Parties (i.e. Christmas, Easter, New Years etc.)
Gardening Classes
Summer Activity Programs
Hygiene Care Workshops


Key Program Components

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety and security of the children we serve is the utmost priority.
We facilitate safe and secure learning environments in the following ways:

Mandatory Background Checks for All
Teachers and Staff Members

First Aid Kits Readily Available

Rigorous Check-In & Check-Out Process

Emergency Plan Training for All Staff

Food & Beverages

Each in-person program includes food & beverages. We believe nutrition is an integral part of each child's mental & physical development. Consequently, we offer:

Pre-Packaged Snacks
(Allergy-Conscious Options)

Catered Options

Dedicated Areas for Food Prep

Preparation & Cleaning Before & After

Progam List

Coming Up for
Summer 2023

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