Every child plays a role in our present and future. Expanded Horizons has a robust curriculum to facilitate our Pre-K group of children during these critical developmental stages, as well as, advanced real-life skills training for our school-age children.

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Why You Should Choose Us Too...

Based on the teachers' years of experience, we have designed classes to create an atmosphere where education and life skills are a priority. Our classes included:

  • Conscious attention to keeping an organized and individualized learning environment

  • Exercising productive real-life skills

  • Field-trips to broaden their horizons

  • Introducing insightful guest speakers

  • A schedule that fosters security


Balanced nutrition to nurture learning

Expanded Horizons understands nutrition fuels our children and is key to their mental and physical development:

  • Meals and snacks provided at no additional cost

  • Dedicated areas for food prep

  • Preparation and cleaning prior to every serving

  • Nutritional information provided with each meal



Arming Our Future Leaders With Invaluable Skills

Our Pre-K and School-Age kids are introduced

to a variety of Life Skill Training Classes

you won't find anywhere else:

  • Arts & Crafts (both groups)
    • The objective of the class is to enhance each student’s potential to become industrious and resourceful in using art at work or at home.

    • Students will learn how to make seasonal and specialty gift items.

  • Computer Keyboarding
    • Each group will receive training in basic computer theory and keyboarding.​

    • Our goal is for our students to achieve accuracy, rhythm, and correct finger usage.

  • How Our Community Works - Volunteerism (Community Service Projects/ Community Organizing Skills)
    • Expanded Horizons’ community services projects were developed so that our students can receive invaluable insight into the workings of community volunteerism.

    • One of our objectives is to help our students understand the value of serving and caring for others.​

  • Introduction to Sewing
    • Students will learn how to thread a needle and sew a button, hem, and etc. using needle and thread. They will also learn through observation, how to safely thread and use a sewing machine to mend larger sewing projects.

    • Students will learn how to make basic items such as pillows, aprons, tote bags, and other simple sewing projects.

  • Library Studies (Pre-K only)
    • We support the process of learning to read and give children access to all media.

    • We provide more than just books. We give children access to computers and other technology, plus fun and educational activities.

  • Math Computer Lab (both groups)
    • Students' lessons encompass diagnostic prescriptive learning for all ages.

    • Our online activities offer an easy yet enjoyable math learning experience for all children - irrespective of where they are in their math journeys.

  • Music (both groups)
    • Children will learn basic music theory and percussion rhythms through movement and motion.

    • Our music classes for kids provide a fun, comfortable environment for children to make music, and there's always something new to learn.

  • Reading Computer Lab (both groups)
    • Students' lessons encompass diagnostic prescriptive learning for all ages.

    • Students read short stories and answer comprehension questions on the computer. We also offer a variety of fun reading games.

Seasonal Classes:

  • Hygie​ne Care
    • Setting a standard for your child to follow provides them with the opportunity to present themselves in a fresh and healthy light.​

    • We will use creativity and imagination to help your child maintain an interest in personal hygiene creating habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Electronics Exploration
    • Students will build and analyze electronic circuits, learn to identify electronic components, and learn to solder and desolder on circuit boards.

    • In addition to that, the students will be introduced to basic kit building, and troubleshooting circuits and electronic components.​

  • Gardening
    • ​Our students practice growing and cultivating plants using seeds and bulbs to produce fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or ornamental plants.

    • Students will learn how to track watering needs, transplanting, and pruning for indoor and outdoor plants.​



Expanded Horizons share its high values with both groups of children to give them a solid base to build on as they soak in the knowledge and experiences our program provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age students does Expanded Horizons serve?

We serve students Pre-K until 8th Grade. Middle school and high school students have the opportunity to volunteer and receive community service hours.

When does the program begin?

Our program operates on the same calendar as the school district.

Where do I register my child?

Registration may be completed at any time throughout the year, however, spaces can fill up quickly. So register early to guarantee a spot for the upcoming school year. To register, send us your contact information on the Contact Us page and someone will call you to register your child.

How much time will be devoted to academics while my child is participating in your program?

Time is allocated for enrichment activities which could include any of the following: homework assistance, computer lab, S.T.E.M. activities, library activities, and many more.

Will children have time to relax and play during the program?

Yes. The program allots time for free play, as well as, structured games and activities.