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Our History


In the beginning, there was PRG Services. 

PRG Services (Providing Residential Assistance to Girls) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide shelter for young women transitioning from the foster care system to adulthood, operating primarily as a source of funding for transitional housing. 


PRG Services soon discovered that there was a prominent need for academic and social skills programs for students beginning at the age of four years old to fourteen years old. 

Consequently, PRG Services evolved into the program you

see today known as Expanded Horizons. 

Hope. Dream. Believe.

Expanded Horizons fosters hope, encourages children to dream big, and supports them to ensure they know others believe in who they are and their talents for success. 

Our programs - academic enhancement, social skills training & life skills training were designed to cultivate our philosophy of hope, dream & believe, servicing youths in all areas of life whether it be foster care, single home, two-parent homes or homelessness.

Expanded Horizons is not a child-care facility, day-care center, or licensed before-school or after-school program. Our program does not offer child-care services and is not licensed by the state. We do not offer classes that contain any physical risks to children. We conduct background checks via the Department of Public Safety for all program employees and volunteers who work with children.

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